Virginia School Board Hilariously Gets Pranked With Fake Names

Virginia School Board Hilariously Gets Pranked With Fake Names

( – There’s been a ton of terrible news and tragedy in the world recently. However, one person in Virginia recently decided enough was enough by poking some fun at their local school board. Of course, they likely didn’t anticipate their hijinx would attract this much attention.

On August 26, the Henrico School Board held a public meeting to hear opinions on several issues and policies. Roscoe D. Cooper III began announcing some names of people “in attendance,” prompting plenty of laughs.

In a prank similar to the one Bart Simpson pulled multiple times on bar owner Moe in “The Simpsons,” the list Cooper read from contained several completely fake names. The illustrious roster included Eileen Dover, Phil McCracken, Ophelia McCaulk, and Don Kedick.

Hilariously, Cooper didn’t seem to notice and simply kept on reading.

In times like these, with so much chaos present in the world, it can be challenging to spot the humor and lighthearted fun in life. People like the ones who submitted these names aren’t necessarily innocent, but their antics sure made people smile in a time of uncertainty.

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