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Are you interested in a US-based publication not influenced by political agendas? Welcome to United Reader, where we publish unbiased news and information about geopolitical events and current national news. If you’re ready to move away from fake news, click-bait, and biased mainstream media sources, we’re here to help.

At United Reader, we understand that our freedoms and rights are facing opposition. Our freedom of the press and individual freedoms of speech are being curtailed at an accelerating rate. We consider it our job to make sure the truth is heard. We give you the facts and news you need so you can formulate your own opinion and use your own freedom of expression to do so.

United We Stand

United Reader stands to uphold journalistic integrity by providing unbiased, fact-based news and other information about world events and national occurrences. We oppose the way big social media and mainstream news outlets control what you see, and we’re offering a truthful alternative to big business.

Our aim is to remove the corruption and lies that seep through publications. Whether it’s fear of internet cancel culture, political influence, or purchased ad space, we see how most media means news is bought, not earned. That’s why we want to deliver the facts to you — untainted, unbiased.

The United Reader Team

Our team comes from various walks of life from across the United States. While our personal beliefs and political views may differ, our editors and writers have one thing in common: we report the truth; we report the facts. This is our primary goal and mission.

With bias stripped from stories, we hope you’ll understand the information you need to make a fact-based decision about any major issue. We deny the political establishment’s influence on media and make our own way so you can make your own judgments.

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Thank you for your interest in reaching out to us at United Reader. Our editors love to hear from readers. Do you have a story that needs coverage, an opinion about something we’ve published, or other feedback? Please reply to any newsletter to make sure your voice is heard. We love hearing from our readers!

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