Subway Will Buy You Free Sandwiches For Life If You Get A Tattoo Of Their Logo

Subway Will Buy You Free Sandwiches for Life if You Get a Tattoo of Their Logo

Subway Will Buy You FREE Sandwiches For Life — Under One Condition

( – The popular sandwich franchise recently launched its new Subway Series menu, and the restaurant chain is looking to celebrate — as are its fans. The company itself awarded one million six-inch subs as a way to celebrate the new menu. However, that prize pales in comparison to what one lucky sub-lover will enjoy when they get a tattoo of the company’s logo.

The sandwich slinger agreed to offer one person a lifetime supply of footlong subs if they get a 12-inch-square tattoo on their back or sternum. According to a press release from Subway, two-time Ink Master champion DJ Tambe and members of his team will be the artists tattooing nine lucky customers.

Of course, only one person will be getting “The Footlong” tattoo, while others can have a choice between a 3-inch-square image on their calf, shoulder, or forearm, earning them free subs for a year in the form of $4,380 rewards. Or they can get a 2-inch-square option on their foot, bicep, or wrist for a month’s worth of free subs. Those choosing the smallest option will receive a $372 package, while the grand prize recipient will get $50,000. All winners can plan to receive their awards in the form of gift cards.

The tattoos are first come, first served, with no reservations. The event will take place during a six-hour block party at Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning at 11 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. on July 27. Anyone interested can see the promotion’s full terms at

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