Warner Bros Cancels Release of $90M “Batgirl” Film

Warner Bros Cancels Release of $90M "Batgirl" Film

Hollywood BUST: Latest DC Comic Flick Gets Canned After Spending MILLIONS

(UnitedReader.com) – Movies and shows have suffered cancellations in the past due to the “woke” mob demanding it. Some movies simply never make it to the big screen due to financial woes. The upcoming “Batgirl” movie was neither of those. Instead, producers canceled it because it was just that bad.

Even after spending $90 million to create the film, which was 100% ready for release, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to not move forward with the movie. Insiders speaking with The Wrap noted the cancellation came because new executives felt it wasn’t a good expansion of the “Batman” storyline. The New York Post also claimed sources told them leadership between the two companies declared the move was “irredeemable.”

David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery isn’t new to wasting millions of dollars. While the $90 million spent on the movie certainly isn’t a drop in the bucket, it’s nothing compared to the $300 million Zaslav wasted trying to launch CNN+, which tanked and shut down just weeks after it started.

Despite the setback, Daily Caller said the new partnership between Warner Bros. and Discovery is still looking to expand the DC Universe and make blockbuster movies, just not with “Batgirl.” There is even speculation the movie would’ve hurt the DC brand and its future.

Do you feel the decision was the best the producers could make?

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