Ukrainians Continue To Be in Danger Due to Increased Hostility

Ukrainians Continue To Be in Danger Due to Increased Hostility

Ukrainians Continue At RISK – Imminent Danger Looms

( – Ukraine continues to defend itself as Russia’s unprovoked invasion drags on. However, it’s not just the citizens still in the war-torn country who are at risk. Ukrainian refugees are facing increased hostility in the countries that have accepted them.

World Vision, a humanitarian organization, recently reported that as a result of disinformation and rising tensions, people displaced in the ongoing conflict would likely face aggressive behavior from locals in the countries hosting them. The report noted that claims linking violent crime and extremism to the displaced people, as well as exaggerations of how much aid the Ukrainians receive compared to locals, could cause some hostility.

Roughly 8.8 million people have left Ukraine since Russia began its invasion in late February. Romania, Moldova, and Poland alone have already seen 5.7 million cross their borders. The humanitarian organization expressed that there is already some anti-refugee sentiment brewing in these and other host countries.

Charles Lawley, the author of the World Vision report, declared the “solidarity” between these communities and the Ukrainian refugees remains “strong.” Even so, he warned that could change if governments don’t address the misinformation regarding the Ukrainians. The author claimed existing propaganda could worsen the resentment already manifesting toward the refugees.

Do you think individuals and families escaping the war will face aggression from those in host nations? Will these people get away from one violent situation only to wind up stuck in another?

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