Bo Jackson Secretly Gave Money to Uvalde School Shooting Victims’ Families

Bo Jackson Secretly Gave Money to Uvalde School Shooting Victims' Families

Sports Legend Secretly Funded This Important Project…

( – Near the end of May, an 18-year-old gunman forcibly entered a school in Uvalde, Texas and trapped numerous students and two teachers in a room, where he later killed them. The tragedy left the families of the 19 kids and two adults with the indescribable task of burying their loved ones. Given the burden these people already faced with the incident, Bo Jackson helped pay for each of the funerals.

Jackson, 59, is one of the few people to play two professional sports successfully. Thanks to his athletic prowess, the former football, and baseball player has amassed substantial wealth. His hard work and dedication allowed him to be in a position to help the Uvalde families.

A press release revealed that the two-sport all-star traveled to the Texas city with his friend just three days after the massacre. While there, the icon wrote a check to cover the funeral expenses for all of the victims, totaling $170,000. The former athlete wasn’t sure what had moved him, noting maybe age was a factor, but he didn’t feel right leaving those families to bury their loved ones.

Bo Jackson has no connection to Uvalde aside from commuting through the area. Yet, he showed compassion and decided to help not just the families, but also the community in bearing the cost of a tragedy. That’s what being a good person entails, selflessly giving to others in their darkest times.

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