Alex Jones Defamation Trial Begins in Texas

Alex Jones Defamation Trial Begins in Texas

Alex Jones Trial Update – Look What Just Happened

( – Alex Jones, a controversial host of a conservative podcast, recently made headlines when claiming he would chop off a finger during a show. Now, the podcast host is making headlines again as a defamation trial against the personality is finally underway in Texas.

Legal Trouble

The conservative commentator has found himself in hot water as several families and a member of law enforcement look to sue the host in a defamation suit. The trial was originally meant to take place in April, but Maya Guerra Gamble, a District Judge in Austin, Texas, delayed it as Jones was filing for bankruptcy protection for his company, InfoWars.

Families of the Sandy Hook school shooting and an agent with the FBI are suing the radio host for claiming the worst school shooting in US history, in which a gunman killed 20 children and six adults, was a hoax. The podcaster has a reputation for being a conspiracy theorist.

Following the 2012 shooting, Jones claimed it was all a setup, with paid actors, as a way to push for gun control in America. The right-wing conspiracy theorist has since admitted he was wrong and apologized. However, he hasn’t taken responsibility for the harassment the families have endured, which members claim has included threats of harm or death from his fans as a result of his hoax theory. But the damage is very real and has already been done.

Jones has racked up a heap of fines due to his refusal to respond to court orders. Judges in both Texas and Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook shooting took place, have already sided with the families, finding the conservative commentator guilty of defamation. Those suing Jones are looking for compensation for damages, but the lawsuit doesn’t mention any requests for specific amounts.

Down With the Ship

Jones has a number of businesses including InfoWars and Free Speech Systems. This lawsuit has put his platforms at a severe financial risk as they’re the last venues for him to share thoughts and spread theories. Facebook, Apple, and YouTube have all previously removed Jones from streaming on their platforms, so losing this libel suit would deliver another crushing blow to his businesses.

The controversial host has claimed to be $20 million in the hole already, although his opposition’s legal team has disclosed the defendant’s online store made $165 million between 2015 and 2018 from selling various products including wellness and survival items. The conservative commentator has requested his viewers and listeners donate money to InfoWars to help keep the website afloat.

Would a loss here mean the end of the right-wing conspiracy theorist’s brand? If so, will he go down with his ship, or will he bail before his businesses sink?

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