UK Starts Training Ukrainian Troops

UK Starts Training Ukrainian Troops

UK Government Just Gave Ukraine The Boost They Need To Take On Russia

( – As Russia pursues its assault on Ukraine, nearly completing five months of battles, both combatants have experienced brutal losses as a result of the extended fighting. Still, Ukraine isn’t giving up, forcing the small country to replace its fighting force as quickly as possible to fend off the Russian invaders. Now, the United Kingdom (UK) will help train a new fighting force for Ukraine.

The First of a New Generation

According to the Associated Press (AP), a few hundred Ukrainians recently arrived in the UK. These are the first of what will eventually be 10,000 new troops for Ukraine to replace those injured or killed in the conflict. None of the new recruits have any prior military experience, meaning the UK will build these soldiers from scratch. Various sites across the island nation are hosting Ukrainian civilians who will become living weapons of war. The UK has agreed to use its expertise to train these brave people in patrol tactics, battlefield first aid, and weapons handling.

 The Bigger Picture

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace explained that the British Army would aid the small country in replenishing its forces, but they’ll also equip them with better technology to give them an edge over their opponents. The recent arrival of Ukrainians is only part of a more extensive support package, which includes $2.8 billion worth of rocket systems, anti-tank weapons, and other equipment. The UK has also pledged to provide the new soldiers with body armor, helmets, individual first aid kits, boots, field uniforms, and ear, eye, and pelvic protection. The British Army’s ultimate goal is to transform average Ukrainians into effective soldiers as quickly as possible.

Far From Over

The Russia-Ukraine war has been ongoing for nearly 140 days with no sign of either side surrendering or withdrawing. Russia appears to be facing a much stronger resistance than the Kremlin anticipated, leading to losses of tens of thousands of Russian troops and considerable amounts of equipment. Ukraine’s opposition has been successful, but it’s lost control of some cities and areas in the Donbas region, where Russian-backed separatists maintained a stronghold before the war.

Yet, Ukraine has regained control of parts of the country. Russia had attempted to conquer Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, expecting a swift end to the war. They ultimately failed, leading to the current situation. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged people in Ukraine’s southern region to evacuate because he intends to launch a counter-offensive to retake the economically crucial area. Western allies are assisting the embattled country without directly engaging in the conflict.

Will the West’s aid and investment be enough to help Ukraine outlast Russia in the seeming battle of wills?

What do you think of the UK training Ukrainians?

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