New York Will Only Allow Conceal Carry in Certain Locations

New York Will Only Allow Conceal Carry in Certain Locations

States Double Down On Gun Control Despite Supreme Court Loss

( – The US Supreme Court recently handed Second Amendment advocates a major win. The High Court struck down New York’s proper cause requirement, allowing residents to obtain permits to carry their handguns outside of their homes for self-defense purposes. Now, the Empire State is doing everything within its power to restrict where people can exercise this new right.

Firing Back

The Supreme Court handed gun control-loving Democrats a loss when the justices overruled the state of New York’s previous law. According to the Associated Press (AP), Governor Kathy Hochul (D) and state Democrats are looking to fight back by passing new legislation banning residents from carrying firearms into businesses with the exception of those with signs stating they welcome concealed weapons.

Governor Hochul stated that lawmakers in the state are trying to “protect the rights of private property owners,” adding the government wouldn’t force residents to tolerate concealed weapons where they weren’t welcome.

Hochul’s move is getting criticism from gun advocates like the New York State Firearms Association, which told the AP the governor is telling business owners how to run their businesses and dictating what owners have to do in order to stay open. Aaron Durr mentioned his belief the courts will strike down this measure as well, calling it unconstitutional. The governor has also noted that she and other state Democrats are looking to create a list of places where civilians are forbidden, without exception, to carry firearms including government buildings, hospitals, public transit, and schools.

New York isn’t the only state finding it hard to come to terms with the Supreme Court’s recent decision. California and a handful of other states have also made mention of taking similar steps to comply with the high court’s ruling. If New York legislators pass this new bill, their state would become the first to allow people to carry concealed weapons specifically in places that explicitly allow the practice. Typically, states that allow citizens to carry firearms require signs asserting that the weapons are prohibited on the premises, the exact opposite of what New York plans to do.

The plan falls within the parameters the Supreme Court set in its ruling, which indicated states have the right to limit guns in certain areas, but also that it would be unconstitutional to impose blanket bans in heavily populated cities. How will the citizens and businesses respond?

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