Hulu Gives Into Political Demands To Run Their Ad Campaigns

Hulu Gives Into Political Demands To Run Their Ad Campaigns

Popular Streaming Platform Caves To Political Pressure — More Ads Incoming

( – Hulu has been a favorite among Americans, offering a wide range of TV shows and movies. The love for the streaming service recently diminished after the company asserted it wouldn’t air political ad campaigns. While the Disney-backed service appeared as though it was going to stand its ground, the platform eventually gave in to the pressure and will now allow the ads to air.

Disney told Axios it has changed its mind, adding that campaign clips will now be able to stream on Hulu. The sudden change of heart comes after political pressure, namely from Democrats, surfaced in the face of the company’s decision. Disney explained that the streaming platform would still be able to request edits or alternative ads as part of industry standards.

Aside from the massive amount of online criticism, mostly from social media, there has also been some disapproval among mainstream groups. The three executive directors of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors Association, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee told The Washington Post the streamer’s censorship was “outrageous” and “offensive,” claiming it was pushing the country further down a dark path.

Meanwhile, users on Twitter declared they would be unsubscribing from Hulu because it did not allow political ads.

Some subscribers claimed the streaming service was picking sides despite not allowing campaign airtime for anyone, not just one party or the other. What do you think about the criticism and pushback stemming from Hulu not wanting to show political ads?

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