NASA Warns Solar Storms Could Affect Power Grid, Communication Networks

NASA Warns Solar Storms Could Affect Power Grid, Communication Networks

NASA Issues Warning – Blackouts Incoming

( – The Sun goes through a cycle about every 11 years, after which its magnetic field changes. When this happens, it can emit bursts of energy that sometimes hit Earth’s atmosphere. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is warning that this cycle’s solar storms could impact the world’s power grids and communication networks. As if the world wasn’t already having enough problems.

NASA explained the Sun goes through periods of calm and violent storms, alternating between the two. Of course, while our solar system’s star is calm, everything is good. But once the storms hit, certain electrical systems are at risk. The Space Weather Prediction Center shows the Sun has significantly more sunspots, indicators of activity than scientists had predicted.

The bright ball in the sky isn’t only more active than experts predicted, but it also hasn’t yet reached its peak levels. The Sun will become increasingly more active until its magnetic shift in 2025. NASA noted that with the increase there will likely be more solar phenomena such as storms and eruptions. The more activity, the higher the risk to communications, the power grid, astronauts, spacecraft, and navigation signals.

In 1989, the sun ejected a wave of energy larger than 36 Earths toward the planet. Just two days later, a geomagnetic storm negatively impacted the power grid in North America and Europe after destroying a transformer at a nuclear power plant in New Jersey. The same storm also completely crashed Canada’s Hydro-Quebec power grid.

Could the world be facing a similar series of events in the foreseeable future?

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