Mexican Government Takes Steps To Formally Investigate Former President

Mexican Government Takes Steps To Formally Investigate Former President

Former President Is FINALLY Being Criminally Investigated!

( – Between 2012 and 2018, Enrique Peña Nieto served as the Mexican President. Now, the country’s government is taking the necessary steps to investigate him. Mexico’s attorney general’s (AG) office has accused the former president of money laundering, illicit enrichment, and election-related crimes. Nieto has denied these allegations.

The press release from the AG said the office was opening a number of investigations into an individual it recognized as “Enrique P.” Mexican policy doesn’t allow the identification of anyone accused of criminal behavior. However, an official with the prosecutor’s office confirmed to ABC News the person in question was, in fact, the former Mexican President.

The media provider noted Mexico’s AG hasn’t brought any charges against the country’s previous leader. The head of the unit focusing on money laundering, Pablo Gomez, claimed Nieto’s family ran a company. This organization had a symbiotic relationship with a firm the former administration had granted $500 million in government contracts. Gomez added the former president received $1.3 million from two companies, the one his family owns and the one the government awarded contracts to, after leaving office.

The announcement on August 2 didn’t reveal many details but did name OHL, a Spanish construction company with a division in Mexico, a number of times in connection with Nieto. The AG release added officials could file charges in the future as the investigation continues in the coming months.

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