NASA Announces Potential Launch Dates for Moonbound Rocket

NASA Announces Potential Launch Dates for Moonbound Rocket

NASA Makes Incredible Announcement That Has Everyone Buzzing

( – NASA was the first and subsequently the only organization to put people on the Moon. The massive feat took place way back in 1969, and no country has since attempted to go — until now. The US government is finally looking to make another manned trip. On the 53rd anniversary of the original Apollo 11 Moon landing, NASA announced it would be launching a new lunar rocket at the end of August.

The spaceflight, which could take place as soon as August 29, won’t feature any astronauts as NASA will attempt the month-long trip with mannequins. Fox News noted there are two other launch dates, which will occur on September 2 or 5. The tests will be the first step as part of NASA’s Space Launch System and the agency’s continuous effort to get men back on the Moon. The Artemis mission will be NASA’s first attempt since 1972 to put astronauts on the celestial body.

The Orion capsule and rocket, which stands at a height “taller than the Statue of Liberty,” did have a countdown failure earlier in July, but NASA assures all necessary repairs have been made. A successful test flight there will pave the way for astronauts to fly around Earth’s only natural satellite in 2023 and possibly make America’s second landing on the surface just two years later, in 2025.

It’s been 50 years since NASA’s last lunar mission, and nearly six decades since astronauts landed on the Moon. Depending on how Artemis goes, maybe the trips will become more common.

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