Lake Mead Continues Exposing Human Bodies

Lake Mead Continues Exposing Human Bodies

Human REMAINS Keep Turning Up In This Location – Who’s The Culprit?

( – A megadrought has the American Southwest parched as it continues to dry up Lake Mead and the Colorado River Basin. Year after year the amount of water in the reservoir has decreased, and in the process, it’s exposed several items lost to time. Authorities found yet another set of human remains, the fourth since May of this year. Will they find even more as the lake’s surface level continues to recede?

The Call

The National Park Service (NPS) noted rangers received an emergency call on August 6, around 11:15 a.m. The caller claimed they found human skeletal remains at Swim Beach, prompting NPS Rangers and a dive team from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to recover the bones. The NPS statement noted the Clark County Medical Examiner is currently trying to determine a cause of death. There is no further information available at this time.

Not the First

The most recent discovery is hardly the first this year. In fact, authorities have now found four sets of human remains around the famous body of water. The first came on May 1, when someone found a skeleton inside a barrel near Hemenway Harbor. Police have reason to believe the corpse was that of a man who someone had shot and dumped in the lake sometime during the mid-1970s and early 1980s.

Not even a week after the May 1 discovery, authorities found another skeletal frame near Callville Bay. Police also discovered partial human remains in Boulder Beach on July 25, just mere weeks before rangers found the new set.

From Drought to Discovery

According to the Associated Press (AP), Lake Mead has been drying up for decades due to drought. The body of water has seen its surface drop 170 feet since 1983. Scientists attribute the decline in water level to climate change and global warming, explaining the western part of America has become increasingly hotter and drier over the past three decades. But it’s not just the heat causing the lake to dry up. Overuse of the world’s most critical resource has led to water levels decreasing as well.

Lake Mead was once the nation’s largest water reservoir by volume but has dropped to its lowest level since 1937. The decreasing water level is what has led to the discovery of numerous bodies. Authorities expect people to find more remnants as the water continues to recede. Speculation regarding missing persons and murder cases has come forward following the uncovering of the remains.

As the drought continues, what more will it expose?

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