Town “Accidentally” Sells Critical Infrastructure

Town "Accidentally" Sells Critical Infrastructure

( – Accidents happen. Sadly, it is a fact of life. Officials in the rural Florida town of Brooksville narrowly averted a looming disaster after a resident discovered an apparent oversight.

Bobby Read, a local business owner, recently purchased a municipal building used by town officials for storage. However, he hadn’t expected his $55,000 purchase to include a nearby water tower containing thousands of gallons of water for local use by the community. All Read wanted to do was renovate the building and convert it into Downton Athletics, a personal training studio.

Read discovered the mistaken sale when he went to the county property appraiser’s office to obtain an official street address for the property. The appraiser advised Read that his purchase included the water tower along with the building. The personal trainer told local reporters he immediately took the necessary steps to return ownership of the water tower to the town.

The unusual purchase has been chalked up to a misunderstanding of the property’s legal description. Mark Kutney, Brooksville city manager, stated the parent property was never split up, resulting in the water tower being sold with the building. Kutney took responsibility for the error, saying he “should have looked at it more closely.”

At least Read quickly remedied the situation instead of attempting to turn the mistaken sale into a financial windfall for himself. So all’s well that ends well, at least in this story!

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