Texas Cold Case Unit Finds Woman Missing for Over 40 Years Alive And Well

Texas Cold Case Unit Finds Woman Missing for Over 40 Years Alive And Well

Cold Case Resolved – Woman Missing Over 40 Years Finally Found

(UnitedReader.com) – The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, tasked the newly formed Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit with, as the name suggests, solving cases that have gone cold and locating people who’ve gone missing. While these types of units might not always get new leads, Paxon’s group recently found a woman who’d been missing for four decades. The best part is she’s alive and well.

The Texas Attorney General released a statement on June 8 detailing the case. According to his report, authorities discovered the bodies of Tina and Dean Clouse in 1981. After the couple’s disappearance in 1980, their families became concerned with recovering the two and ensuring the wellbeing and safety of their then-infant daughter Holly, whom police never found. Until now.

In 2021, Identifinders International confirmed the identity of two bodies to be the Clouses, and that DNA match helped the Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit locate the 42-year-old. Despite finding the missing baby, AG Paxton mentioned the investigation into the murder of her parents is still ongoing.

The attorney general confirmed his newly formed unit located the Clouses’ daughter more than 40 years after her disappearance. She’s now 42 years old. Authorities have informed the woman of her biological parents, and they also put her in touch with extended family.

It’s nice to see a person be reunited with family after so many years. This story will likely serve as a beacon of hope for people who still have family members missing that one day authorities may also find their loved ones alive and well. Hope can get people through dark times when it’s easy for the mind to jump to worst-case scenarios.

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