Terrifying Fish Caught on Australia’s Coast

Terrifying Fish Caught on Australia's Coast

[PICS] This Terrifying Sea Monster Is The LAST Thing You’d Ever Want To Meet In The Ocean

(UnitedReader.com) – There is nothing like a beautiful day and calm waters to get an avid fisherman’s blood flowing. Whether going out for sport or simply to put dinner on the table later, you just can’t beat the thrill of the hunt. Recently, one professional fisherman, Jason Moyce, found more excitement than he’d bargained for when he headed to the Australian coast for a day and caught the most horrific fish he’d ever seen.

Professional fisherman Trapman Bermagui, as he is known on social media, recently posted an image of what many viewers would refer to as a bizarre, if not terrifying, fish he caught. In his post, he explained that he’d captured the monstrosity in deep water near Bermagui, Australia. He believed the bulged-eyed, pink-grey creature with a huge mouth and very sharp teeth may have been a blobfish. The sportsman noted many people consider this specimen to be “good eating” despite its nightmarish appearance.

Just when you thought sharks were your biggest worry when exploring deep waters, Jason Moyce reels in proof of alien-looking sea life with green eyes and saw-like teeth lurking below. Even if the experts say this creature is edible and is of little threat to humans, the sight of the fish might still be enough to keep some people on dry land for life.

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