Small Towns Paying Big Bucks – You Won’t Believe What For

Small Towns Paying Big Bucks - You Won't Believe What For

( – There’s something quaint and special about small-town living that we tend to lose in larger communities. Some people might enjoy the convenience that comes with living in a city environment, but smaller communities have plenty to offer if you know what to look for when deciding where to live.

As it turns out, some small towns are paying people to move into their areas. These communities offer incentives of anywhere from $1 to as much as $20,000, although each has its own list of eligibility requirements. Typically, they are trying to attract remote workers who can live anywhere.

In some instances, people can purchase their dream houses for a fraction of the cost to acquire one in their current communities. For example, one new homeowner, Shanelle Sherlin, bought a home for $405,000 in the Ozark Mountains. The 4-bedroom, 3,400-square-foot home would’ve cost around $2 million in Los Angeles, where Shanelle used to live. Sherlin was drawn to the location by its $10,000 incentive program and the reasonably priced homes in the area.

Cynthia Rollins, a San Francisco-based tech company CEO, recently took advantage of an incentive program offered by Tulsa, OK. As a result, she went from paying $2,600 a month for 675 square feet to paying $1,600 for 1,000 square feet.

Many of these communities require applicants to live locally for at least one or two years to qualify for the incentives, and some demand buyers stay as full-time residents. Nevertheless, these programs are certainly worth considering. They could change lives and give more people opportunities they never thought were possible.

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