Rumors Fly About Pope Francis Resigning as Health Declines

Rumors Fly About Pope Francis Resigning as Health Declines

Rumors Continue To Fly About Pope Francis’ Health

( – Pope Francis is 85 years old, and his body is beginning to fail him. His Holiness has been dealing with several health issues, without any signs of recovery, which may be affecting the official’s ability to fulfill his duties. Recently, the Catholic leader’s declining health has sparked rumors about possible retirement.

Pope Francis has been struggling with mobility, leading to multiple canceled events. Doctors, last summer, spent three hours removing the left part of the Pope’s colon after it had narrowed. Since this operation, Francis has had other health problems, the most prevalent being knee pain, which has led to His Holiness relying heavily on the aid of a cane or a wheelchair when on the move.

The New York Post mentioned that the Pope has come to terms with his declining health and doesn’t want to force his body to keep going, allegedly telling bishops he would rather resign than have another surgery.

That assertion goes against what Pope Francis’ adviser, Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, has said about the possible resignation. The Religious News Service reported the cardinal’s insistence that the rumors of Francis retiring are “cheap soap opera,” and that’s it. The Pope’s scheduling of a meeting with cardinals in August sent rumors of his stepping down into overdrive.

Francis’ health is clearly in a state of decline; do you think the Pope is set to announce his retirement? Or will he follow a long-standing tradition of passing while still in office?

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