Interpreter That Rescued Biden in 2008 Finally Escapes Afghanistan

Interpreter That Rescued Biden in 2008 Finally Escapes Afghanistan

( – President Joe Biden is under plenty of pressure after the protracted and messy withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in August. Unfortunately, the problems just keep piling on. Reports now show an interpreter, known as Aman Khalili, desperately begged the Biden Administration to rescue his family only recently escaped.

According to an exclusive Wall Street Journal report, a group of US veterans from Arizona finally managed to crack the difficult case by extracting Khalili and his loved ones to Pakistan.

The interpreter once helped rescue then-Senator Biden (D-DE), Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) after their Blackhawk helicopter made an emergency landing in Afghanistan during a blizzard in 2008. He also appeared on Fox and Friends in early September, where he begged the President to help him escape from the Taliban-controlled region.

US Veterans collaborated with allies in Pakistan in the effort to move Khalili and his family out of Afghanistan. The clandestine operation involved nearly 144 hours of driving as well as a number of very suspenseful checkpoint crossings.

Khalili says he felt betrayed after Biden failed to stage a rescue for his family. Still, he doesn’t regret aiding American forces during their time in Afghanistan.

The interpreter will now receive a new visa and the go-ahead to get on a US flight to Doha, Qatar. But Khalili is only one of thousands of innocents who remain in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Many face execution for aiding the US in the Afghanistan war if they cannot find a way out. For some, that’s a strong reminder of how fast people forget good deeds.

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