How Weapons Smuggling Is Becoming Another Threat Amid Ongoing War In Ukraine

How Weapons Smuggling Is Becoming Another Threat Amid Ongoing War In Ukraine

Weapons Smuggling Becoming MAJOR Concern Amid War In Ukraine

( – The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for months, and its impact is beginning to extend further than Ukrainian borders. While the war may be a driving factor for inflation, undoubtedly impacting countries around the world, the effort to help Ukraine has come at an unexpected price. Smugglers are now stealing western weapons, taking them out of Ukraine, and putting them in the hands of dangerous organizations.

While arms smuggling has become a headache in Europe, with gangs getting their hands on advanced equipment, the problem has also found its way to Israel. The European Union has created the Support Hub for Internal Security and Border Management in the hopes it will reduce the number of weapons smugglers are stealing from Ukraine and handing to criminals.

Recently Eurasia Review claimed the West must stop sending Ukraine military equipment because it’s beginning to overflow. The outlet noted that, combined with a lack of control from western or Ukrainian authorities, the problem has created an “endless supply” of advanced equipment getting into the hands of criminals, who sell the stolen items on the black market. There, the weapons can find their way into the hands of gangs, terrorist organizations, and extremists.

The problem could become even more serious in the future as these groups become better equipped — especially for Israel, one of America’s closest allies. The Middle Eastern country may become another victim if Iran gets a hold of more western technology. Forces worldwide are focused on Ukraine, meaning Israel might be on its own if it faces an attack and could fall to its adversaries.

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