Google Is Reducing Hiring Capacity

Google Is Reducing Hiring Capacity

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( – Google is a massive company that has already hired thousands of workers around the world so far in 2022. Yet, even Google and its parent company, Alphabet, aren’t safe from economic pressures. The current state of the global economy has pushed the tech giant to reduce its hiring capacity.

The Washington Post claims it obtained a copy of an email that employees received from Sundar Pichai. According to their report, the Google CEO told workers the company wouldn’t be hiring as many people, citing concerns with the economy. Pichai noted the thousands of jobs Google has filled this year before explaining the company would focus on hiring specific talent, namely engineering and technical workers.

Pichai declared the company needed greater focus and a deeper hunger to succeed during these challenging times.

There have certainly been better days, not just for Google but for many tech companies who have already started reducing the number of people they hire. The slowdown comes as the Federal Reserve continues to increase interest rates to thwart inflation. Still, many fear rising interest rates could prompt a recession. The fear isn’t exclusive to America, as the global economy also continues to slip. Like many tech companies, Google hires globally, meaning an international recession could hit them hard.

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