Driver Crashes Into Historic Home in Bizarre Accident

Driver Crashes Into Historic Home in Bizarre Accident

( – Driving a car comes with great responsibility. It requires individuals to stay focused on the road and alert in case anything happens that may put anyone in danger. Of course, accidents are hard to avoid because no one really sees them coming.

A Massachusetts teenager narrowly escaped a potentially dangerous situation when she swerved to miss a squirrel while driving in Hingham on July 15.

She proceeded to drive over the sidewalk in her 2014 Audi Q7 and into the front of a house. If that’s not bad enough, the house was built in 1650 by one of former President Abraham Lincoln’s ancestors when settlers first occupied the town.

Thankfully, the inhabitants of the cottage were asleep in their upstairs bedroom when the incident occurred, and no one was injured in the crash. Police cited the young woman for failure to stay within marked lanes.

Authorities said half of the vehicle was inside the home. The residents intend to repair the damage and are hiring experts to replace a historic plaque damaged in the incident.

While it’s important to avoid needlessly killing an animal, it’s crucial for a driver to maintain control of a moving vehicle at all times. By a turn of good fortune, no one was injured in this incident. But, the story could easily have had a bad ending. Hopefully, the driver learns from this experience.

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