Customer Shoots Employee Over Amount of Mayo on Sandwich

Customer Shoots Employee Over Amount of Mayo on Sandwich

Enraged Customer Shoots Restaurant Employee Over Incorrect Order

( – Ever gone to a fast-food restaurant and given the staff your order, only to have an item missing or made incorrectly? It’s a situation just about every person has endured. As unlikely as it might be that someone would pull a gun and shoot an employee in protest of their order being wrong, the tragedy became a reality at a Subway restaurant, leaving one person injured and another dead.

A shooting broke out in downtown Atlanta, Georgia after employees at a Subway allegedly put too much mayo on a man’s sandwich. At least that’s what the store’s owner, Willie Glenn, said about the incident. According to Fox 7, a local station, a 36-year-old man shot two women, aged 24 and 26, who were sisters. The 26-year-old woman died at the scene, and emergency personnel transported the other victim to a nearby hospital. The Atlanta Police Department (APD) reportedly arrested the man.

The store owner also mentioned the son of the injured woman was present in the restaurant when the shooting took place. Police say the boy will need trauma therapy. Glenn revealed the store manager actually returned fire with a gun of their own but was unable to hit the assailant. Authorities have not released any names as of yet. Charles Hampton Jr, the Deputy Chief of Police for APD, called the man’s actions “senseless” and asserted he could’ve easily talked to the women about the order mishap instead of shooting the employee and traumatizing a 5-year-old child likely for life.

Why do you think these incidents happen? Could it be mental health issues? Perhaps these people killing fast-food workers over incorrect orders have unaddressed anger problems preventing them from making rational decisions. Or maybe people just have a hard time dealing with conflict these days?

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