Chinese Double Agent Arrested

Chinese Double Agent Arrested

( – Chinese-American relations have been strained for several years, if not decades. Surprisingly, taking a hard-line approach to US/China relations appears to be the one place where current President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, agree. A quick review of recent events demonstrates the wisdom of Biden choosing Trump’s “America First” attitude when dealing with Beijing.

Germany recently arrested 75-year-old “Dr. Klaus L.” for allegedly operating as a double agent and feeding Chinese intelligence services sensitive information for nearly a decade. Klaus worked with the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) for half a century as an informant. However, according to German authorities, he started working for China around 2010.

Dr. Klaus managed to pull off a double life while working both sides of the fence. Publicly, he worked for a German political research foundation called the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) as a political scientist. Likewise, he worked part-time for the Christian Social Union (CSU), a Christian-based conservative party in Germany.

Privately, he served the BND as an operative. Klaus made some high-profile contacts during his time with the foundation and BND, which is how he eventually obtained the information he sold to Chinese Communist Party officials.

Dr. Klaus didn’t deny his work with Chinese officials and claims he turned over the names of all his Chinese handlers to German authorities. But, unfortunately, that fact doesn’t negate his years of betrayal and raises serious concerns regarding the safety and security of American intelligence shared with Germany. Hopefully, our nation’s worst nightmare doesn’t come true thanks to this apparent traitor.

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