China Warns Japan More Military “Drills” Are Coming

China Warns Japan More Military "Drills" Are Coming

Chinese Military THREAT – Here’s What They’re Warning Next

( – Tensions are on the rise across the Pacific as China becomes bolder in its military displays. The region was already anxious over China’s claim that Taiwan was part of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Now, the situation is growing more heated as the self-assured country has started hurling threats at Japan.

Officials believe the Japanese government has been tracking the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA), the official military of China, naval exercises around the island nation. The activities reportedly have “become routine.” The alleged reason behind China’s warning to Japan is a claim the US ally has been supporting narratives that the massive rival is an increasing threat; CCP officials counterclaim that Japan has been the provocateur, citing the smaller country’s stance on Taiwan.

China’s naval activities weren’t just a way to deter Japan, but they also served as a stepping stone in the communist nation’s ambition to develop a blue water navy. The PLA Navy has reportedly crossed into Japan’s territorial waters on 15 separate occasions, with the most recent coming on July 5.

The threats from China come just after an assassin killed the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. Could the CCP be involved somehow? Is Japan a potential target for China, or is the communist country simply trying to intimidate smaller sovereignties to declare the South China Sea as its own?

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