Caitlyn Jenner Claims She Is “Poster Child” for Change as She Hints at Another Governor Run

Caitlyn Jenner Claims She Is "Poster Child" for Change as She Hints at Another Governor Run

( – Caitlyn Jenner lost her run during the California governor recall election; incumbent Gavin Newsom (D-CA) retained his seat as the state’s leader instead. However, the defeated hopeful now says she intends to stay involved in politics long-term. According to comments made during her guest appearance on “The View,” that might even include making another run for the governor’s seat.

During the interview, Jenner admitted the recall election didn’t end the way she had hoped but called it an incredibly positive experience. She also told show hosts she has every intention of remaining involved in politics despite her recent loss. The former Olympian says she still has a lot to accomplish — including convincing the GOP to be more open-minded and inclusive. She referred to herself as “the poster child for change.”

Republicans might be uncommon in the Golden State, but Jenner does hold staunchly conservative values. They include the belief that Republican ideologies, such as smaller government and fewer regulations, are not only positive but critical to America’s overall stability. Yet, she also says the party’s platform suffers from its general lack of attention to social sector work. The politician believes her more progressive nature would make her an ideal choice to spearhead that effort.

Jenner also feels she is the “poster child” for change and precisely what the Republican Party needs right now. She wants the GOP to work harder at attracting suitable candidates as senior representatives move on to make way for an influx of younger conservatives.

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