Biden’s Border Crisis Hits the Nail on His Political Coffin

Biden's Border Crisis Hits the Nail on His Political Coffin

( – President Biden will likely seek reelection after completing his first term. Yet, his chances of succeeding in that endeavor now appear grim, given the way he’s handled certain issues, such as the Afghanistan withdrawal in Kabul and more recently the migrant surge in Del Rio, TX. Now, even his own party is beginning to turn on him.

The most recent bipartisan backlash comes from Biden’s failure to handle the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the southern border in an adequate manner. In recent weeks, thousands of immigrants swarmed the Del Rio international bridge; many continue to live in squalor as U.S. resources dwindle.

Governor Greg Abbott, R-Tx., recently slammed the Biden administration for failing to take action at the border, forcing states to use their own resources.

Border Patrol says they are overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants. However, the White House condemns agents attempting to deter immigrants crossing the Rio Grande River. The Border Patrol Union says its agents are simply following administration-provided training.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd says the union warned President Biden of increasing migrant waves back in June. They also presented potential solutions to the leader at the time; all remain largely unacknowledged.

In the meantime, the humanitarian crisis at our southern border continues to grow. Could this be the final nail in President Biden’s political coffin?

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