American Passport Power Ranked as 7th for Destination Availability

American Passport Power Ranked as 7th for Destination Availability

How Good Is Your American Passport? Maybe Not as Good as You Hoped…

( – Every quarter, a London-based investment migration consultancy firm called Henley & Partners analyzes passports of various countries around the world. After researching each nation’s documentation, the firm ranks them in terms of accessibility. For 2022’s third quarter of the Henley Passport Index, the US came in 7th.

Using data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), Henley & Partners looked at 199 global passports and noted how many destinations each one allowed travelers to visit. The firm currently recognizes 227 locations and uses this number to rank the power of passports. The more places a nation has access to, the higher it will rank.

Coming in first place was Japan, which allows people to travel to a whopping 193 foreign locations. Tied for second were Singapore and South Korea, with their passports having the ability to access 192. While Asian countries took the top spots, European nations dominated the list, with 23 tied for spots in the Top 10.

The US, allowing access to 186 destinations, was one of only two North American potentials to make the list; Canada ranked 8th, giving access to 185. Like North America, the Oceanic region only had two countries make the Top 10: New Zealand, which tied with the US in terms of accessibility, and Australia, which tied with Canada.

At the bottom of the list were Syria, allowing travel to only 30 countries; Iraq, which listed 29 acceptable locations; and Afghanistan, whose passport only had 27 possible stops.

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