US Suspends Mexican Avocado Imports Due to Sudden Threats

US Suspends Mexican Avocado Imports Due to Sudden Threats

( – Avocados have become a staple in the lives of many Americans, especially those who love guacamole. Unfortunately, some people may have to do without their favorite dip as the US has placed a suspension on Avocado imports from Mexico. US health authorities made the decision citing a potential threat.

The suspension came after a US health official received a threatening phone call while carrying out inspections in Michoacán and Uruapan. Inspectors from the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services ensure that fruits from Mexico are healthy and don’t have any potential in spreading disease to American crops.

According to the Mexican agriculture ministry, the order will impact the Michoacán region the most. Tridge reports that around 80% of all Mexico’s avocado exports go to the United States. Reuters recently reported that gang violence has plagued the Michoacán region.

Avocados saw a jump in price recently as production costs increased in the midst of labor shortages and supply-chain issues. The fruit has been a large part of Mexico’s economy, bringing in billions of dollars. Thankfully for Americans who love avocados and the Mexican economy, the suspension is only temporary. In the meantime, people will have to resort to buying American-grown varieties or doing without.

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