UN Human Rights Leader Won’t Seek Another Term

UN Human Rights Leader Won't Seek Another Term

Top UN Human Rights Leader Calls It Quits After Scandalous Term In Office

(UnitedReader.com) – Despite how far the world has come, several countries still commit heinous abuses of human rights — a big reason several groups work to bring awareness to the issue. One group, UN Human Rights (UNHR), recently suffered heavy criticism for the failed approaches of its high commissioner, Michelle Bachelet. The official announced she wouldn’t be seeking a second term.

Bachelet’s announcement that she would no longer be serving as the UNHR High Commissioner comes after several human rights groups slammed her current trip to China. People from around the world lambasted Bachelet, claiming her trip wasn’t a sufficient approach to investigate the alleged human rights abuses, including forced abortions and sterilization, forced labor, and torture, China allegedly inflicts on Uyghur Muslims.

South China Morning Post noted the so-called weak investigation was no fault of Bachelet’s. Instead, the publication blamed its government for hindering the commissioner’s ability to look into the matter, explaining officials guided the visit and didn’t allow her to speak to any Uyghurs. Despite the timing of her announcement, Bachelet asserted her choice to not seek a second term had nothing to do with her journey to China or the criticism she received, explaining she had told UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres of her decision prior to her China visit.

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