Top Gun Control Lobbyist Lays Out 4 Executive Order Options To Skirt Legislators

Top Gun Control Lobbyist Lays Out 4 Executive Order Options To Skirt Legislators

These Are The 4 Executive Orders Biden Can Use To Skirt Legislators On Gun Control

( – The recent string of shootings has motivated Democrats to seek gun control measures. President Biden admitted while he can take some actions to reduce gun violence in America, there is a Constitution he must obey, preventing him from making major changes to US gun laws. One of the top gun control advocates in America recently gave Biden four examples of what the administration could do without congressional approval to address gun violence.

Kris Brown, president of a nonprofit organization advocating for gun control called Brady United, detailed to Yahoo News that Biden has more options available than he may realize.

  • The president could redefine what a gun dealer is. Brown claims Biden should declare anyone selling five or more firearms be considered a “dealer.” The gun control advocate claimed 1 in 5 guns are sold without the seller conducting a background check and believes the move would help stop people from avoiding background checks.
  • Declaring gun violence a public health epidemic is another step Brown believes Biden should take. She claimed gun violence is the top killer of children in the country, adding that around 45,000 Americans die as a result of gun violence annually. Declaring a public health emergency would free up funding and create a coordinated effort to stop gun violence.
  • The president could also request the Justice Department take action against the illegal sale of firearms. Brown mentioned there needs to be a federal effort to crack down on those selling “crime guns” or guns that were involved in some form of crime.
  • Creation of a White House gun violence prevention office is another option. The gun control advocate asserted that while the Office of Domestic Policy does a great job, there really needs to be an office dedicated specifically to preventing gun violence, claiming it needs a concentrated effort.

Brown believes these are all actions the president can take should Congress fail to act, bypassing the need for the US House or Senate’s approval. How would the public feel about such actions?

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