These Primary Election Results All Have Something In Common

These Primary Election Results All Have Something In Common

Election Results Are In — This Is What Americans Voted For!

( – The 2022 midterm elections are only months away, and several states have already held their primary races. As the votes come in, it seems clear to political analysts that every primary has at least one thing in common despite being in different parts of the country. A recent Fox News opinion piece by David Bossie conjectures that voters are sick and tired of sky-high prices and want to make a change.

According to Bossie, voters in primaries across the nation have shown their biggest concern is their financial well-being and the economy. Americans are heading to the polls at a record pace as the highest inflation rate in four decades continues to stress them out. There was a red wave in Alabama, and it wasn’t the Crimson Tide. Instead, it was Republicans showing up to the ballot box to catapult Katie Britt to victory.

The Fox News analyst said voters seem upset with President Biden’s failed policies, which could result in a “red wave” washing across several primaries. Bossie and other conservative pundits have been saying that Democrats already had their work cut out to retain control of Congress, but it appears they’re going to have to fight harder than they initially thought as many of the Senate races could be hotly contested.

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