The Biden Administration Won’t Rule Out Travel Vouchers

The Biden Administration Won't Rule Out Travel Vouchers

Kamala Reveals White House’s Plan To Keep Abortion Rolling

( – With the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision in 1973 claiming abortion was a constitutional right, many states are now looking to severely restrict or altogether ban abortions. The motion has put Democrats and pro-choice advocates on edge, especially where lawmakers are moving forward to impose trigger laws. To undermine the states’ actions, the Biden administration may create a voucher system for women to travel and undergo the procedure.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently sat down with Dana Bash of CNN for an exclusive interview. During their discussion, the two women covered several topics that included the Supreme Court’s decision and abortion. The CNN correspondent eventually asked VP Harris if the White House was looking into providing some form of financial resource. She continued by listing several items like travel vouchers and childcare services, for women who were looking to have abortions but lived in states where the operation was illegal.

The vice president noted the Biden administration hasn’t ruled out the idea, claiming that over half of the women who seek abortions are already mothers and need help with childcare while they’re gone. Then she talked about women not being able to afford missing work for the operation itself. Harris mentioned there were travel costs involved as well as expenses for hotels, gas, bus fare, and possibly plane tickets. The vice president asserted the administration didn’t want there to be any inconsistencies in who could and who couldn’t have abortion access.

Do you feel as though the proposed travel vouchers would be a good use of government resources and taxpayer money?

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