Tensions Escalating Between Biden and Putin Over Ukraine

Tensions Escalating Between Biden and Putin Over Ukraine

(UnitedReader.com) – Tensions between the United States and Russia are once again on the rise. Of course, as usual, the world is watching as concerns of a possible third world war brew. However, World War III seems unlikely; at least for now.

As Russia and President Putin threaten to invade Ukraine, Biden and US officials claim they have no plans of military intervention. US President Biden declared that he’s confident in the fact Putin received the message loud and clear about economic consequences. In turn, President Biden stated the United States will not be sending any troops to aid Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion.

Biden stated he gave Putin a stern explanation of the consequences Russia would face if it invaded Ukraine. After he met with President Putin, Biden asserted that he talked with NATO members but was disappointed to announce that no agreement came as a result.

The President noted he hoped there would be good news about higher-level meetings by Friday. He explained that he wanted to meet with four primary NATO allies and Russian officials about the country’s concerns for the future, adding the idea is to relieve tensions in Eastern Europe.

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