Taliban Regime Bans Women From Traveling By Themselves

Taliban Regime Bans Women From Traveling By Themselves

(UnitedReader.com) – The Taliban last controlled Afghanistan in 2001 when it restricted women’s lives. In August, President Biden decided to withdraw US troops from the country, leaving behind military equipment and allowing the Taliban to regain control. In the beginning, the terrorist organization claimed they would respect women’s rights, contrasting their previous reign. However, as time has moved forward, it became apparent their promises were all a show.

On December 26, the Taliban issued an order that banned women from traveling farther than 45 miles without at least one male relative accompanying them. In their previous time as the country’s leaders, the Taliban didn’t allow women to work, leave their homes without a male relative, or attend school. Sound familiar?


The Taliban has slowly been slipping back into its old ways as its members continue to restrict the freedoms that girls and women once enjoyed. Earlier in the year, after their ascension to power, the Taliban prohibited girls from going to school and receiving an education.

During that time, women would suffer from either being beaten or stoned to death as punishment for their “crimes.”

The Taliban may have claimed it was going to allow women to have rights, but their actions speak much louder than their words ever will. This is how governments take away people’s liberties; slowly chipping away at them until they’re non-existent.

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