Sweden and Finland Receive Formal Invitation by NATO to Join Military Alliance

Sweden and Finland Receive Formal Invitation by NATO to Join Military Alliance

Putin’s Schemes Completely Unravel After NATO Makes Bombshell Announcement

(UnitedReader.com) – The ongoing war in Ukraine after Russia boldly invaded the country has caused concern among western allies. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) fear for their security, unsure of Putin’s next moves. Finland and Sweden have similar concerns, leading to their request to join the NATO bloc. The organization has finally extended a formal invitation to the two Nordic countries as the Ukraine conflict continues, deepening concerns.

National Review reported that the invitation came on June 29 during a NATO summit in Madrid, Spain. The bloc declared the accession of Sweden and Finland will make the two Nordic countries safer in addition to making NATO stronger, bringing a greater amount of security to the Euro-Atlantic region. The organization noted the importance of keeping the two countries safe, even during the accession process.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the 30-country military alliance, said the decision to invite Finland and Sweden would be a significant part of history and thanked the world leaders involved in making it possible.

NATO and the Nordic countries overcame a major obstacle after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan signed a memorandum with Swedish and Finnish leaders asserting support for NATO’s decision to allow the two countries to become members of the bloc. Now, the next hurdle to overcome is a ratification from all 30 members of NATO.

How will the news impact the Russia-Ukraine war? More importantly, how will President Vladimir Putin react? The Russian leader has already voiced his disapproval and potential retaliation to the Nordic countries joining the alliance.

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