Seventh Circuit Court Judge to Step Down in 2022

Seventh Circuit Court Judge to Step Down in 2022

( – Earlier in 2021, President Biden nominated Candace Jackson-Akiwumi, a former public defender, to the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Now, near the end of 2021, as yet another member has declared they’re stepping down, Biden is going to need to start thinking about his next nomination to the court.

David Hamilton, US Circuit Judge, let the White House know he plans to leave active service. The US Circuit judge mentioned that once he’s able to claim senior status, and after Biden finds a replacement the Senate can confirm, he intends to leave the bench.

In order for a judge to claim senior status, they need to complete at least 15 years of service and be at a minimum of 65-years-old; Judge Hamilton will be 65 in May 2022. Hamilton began his journey in 1994, when he started serving as a federal district court judge in Indiana’s Southern District.

In 2009, then-President Barack Obama nominated Hamilton to the Chicago-based 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamilton is one of only three Democrats on the bench of 11 justices. Former President Trump nominated four of the eight Republican justices serving the court, which hears cases from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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