Scientist Caught Blowing Millions of Tax Dollars on Illegal Animal Experiments

Scientist Caught Blowing Millions of Tax Dollars on Illegal Animal Experiments

( – The US government in recent years has been especially scrutinized for its apparent complacency in animal testing and wasting taxpayer money. Once again, a government watchdog group has discovered millions going toward animal experiments. Opponents say researchers conducting these studies are breaking the law.

Recently, the White Coat Waste Project (WCWP), a group dedicated to opposing taxpayer-funded animal testing, published a study that outlines 10 instances where the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded animal experiments involving marijuana or nicotine. Devin Murphy, WCWP’s spokesperson, asserted that NIH researchers are breaking the law with their federally funded experiments on animals, subjecting them to excessive doses of e-cigarettes, edibles, and marijuana smoke.

The Daily Wire reported that all the experiments the group uncovered and detailed in their study violate the Stevens Amendment, which requires agencies that receive grants from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) to disclose pertinent information. WCWP explains it’s difficult to determine how much of the $246 million of the program’s funding was actually utilized given they didn’t follow the disclosure law.

WCWP has suggested an audit of NIH spending and a requirement that the agency monitor researchers it sends grants to in an effort to ensure they’re complying with the Stevens Amendment. The group also mentioned the need to pass the Cost Openness and Spending Transparency Act, which would cover all executive branch agencies and the ability to withhold federal funds from in violation.

In the Senate, Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) has already introduced the proposal. However, Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC) has been hesitant to do so in the House, citing it would be better to wait until Republicans regain a majority as it would do no good to submit the bill now.

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