Peter Thiel Leaves Facebook to Help Trump Agenda

Peter Thiel Leaves Facebook to Help Trump Agenda

( – Just days after Meta, formerly known as Facebook, suffered a tremendous loss in its stock price, losing more than $220 billion in a single day, Peter Thiel announced he was stepping down. Thiel has been on Facebook’s board for almost two decades. What are his plans now?

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding his announcement, it appears Thiel may be looking to back Donald Trump, according to reports from Bloomberg. The billionaire entrepreneur also plans to back Trump-aligned candidates for the 2022 election.

Thiel has already voiced support for Blake Masters, once a venture capitalist at Thiel Capital, now a candidate for a US Senate seat in Arizona. The billionaire mentioned it was a pleasure to work with someone like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, as he declared Zuckerberg is leading the company into a new era.

The creator of Facebook and CEO of Meta only had good things to say about Thiel, calling him a valuable member of the board and a critical piece to his company’s success. The billionaire also helped create the popular payment platform PayPal and provides support for other companies through his Founders Fund.

Perhaps Thiel will be working with Trump on his newest business venture. The entrepreneur has been developing a social media platform dedicated to truth and free speech, called Truth Social, backed by Trump Media and Technology Group.

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