Orangutan Attacks Man Through Bars of Cage at the Zoo

Orangutan Attacks Man Through Bars of Cage at the Zoo

[GRAPHIC] Man Suffers Horrifying Attack During Zoo Visit

(UnitedReader.com) – Wild animals are wild animals, and no matter how long they’ve lived in a zoo, their instincts never change. These animals aren’t meant to interact with humans; that’s why there are usually cage bars and windows separating the two. One man learned this lesson the hard way after surviving an orangutan attack that could have ended far worse.

A video showing the apparent attack spread across the Internet on June 7 and quickly became viral. In the video, viewers can see a man in a white t-shirt approach the primate’s cage. Suddenly, the ape’s arm springs from between the bars and latches onto the man’s shirt. According to the New York Post, the 19-year-old man had jumped a security fence then approached and taunted the animal for a video.

The incident occurred at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in Indonesia. While the teen had the help of another person, orangutans are incredibly strong. In fact, the India Times notes that a single orangutan can be five to seven times stronger than a human. Despite their short height, these primates have very long arms, which this particular orangutan was able to use to their advantage.

While the man didn’t suffer any physical injuries, perhaps this moment will serve as a reminder to not jump enclosure fences and taunt wild animals.

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