Netflix Cracks Down on Password-Sharing With Device and IP Tracking

Netflix Cracks Down on Password-Sharing With Device and IP Tracking

Netflix Launches MASSIVE Surveillance Plan In Desperate Effort To Stay Afloat

( – Despite Netflix’s success, the company believes password sharing is hurting its ability to grow and improve its value. This feeling has brought the streaming giant to make a number of decisions that have resulted in lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade. The subscription service is looking to crack down on password sharing through tracking devices and IP addresses.

Netflix recently announced that beginning on August 22, it will offer an option to “add a home.” The new plan will charge subscribers in Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic who use their accounts outside of their primary locations a monthly fee. The charge in Argentina will be $2.26; in the other countries the fee will be $2.99.

The announcement noted that users of their basic plan can each add a second home, while the standard package allows for two extra locations and the premium option will allow them to add up to three. Netflix’s director of product innovation, Chenyi Long, claimed password sharing “undermines” the company’s ability to improve the service. Netflix will use IP addresses, account activity, and device IDs to determine if people are sharing their passwords.

Users may stream in a home outside of their primary listed residence for two weeks. At that point they must add the location as a secondary home, or Netflix will block the service. The announcement comes as the company looks for new ways to produce revenue, even talking about launching an ad-supported subscription.

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