Musk Rips Into Warren, Calls Her a “Karen”

Musk Rips Into Warren, Calls Her a "Karen"

( – Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla and SpaceX, somehow finds time to log onto Twitter despite all of his work. That’s likely how he found the tweet that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) posted criticizing him. It didn’t take the tech guru long to respond.

The spat came after Time Magazine named Musk their “Person of the Year.” Senator Warren took to Twitter to attack Musk, noting that when someone makes it where he is, they need to contribute to society, as in, paying more in increased taxes.

The Senator didn’t hold back, adding the US tax code is allegedly rigged to allow people like Musk to live off of everyone else, essentially calling the entrepreneur a freeloader. She commented that the tax code needed adjustments to change that fact. Musk’s response showed no remorse for the Senator.

The CEO snapped back at Warren in a series of tweets, accusing her of projecting and calling her a “Karen.” People often use the term “Karen” to describe an obnoxious person, namely someone who is overbearing and feels entitled.

Musk didn’t stop there. He also posted a video of Warren exiting her private jet from the DC Patriot that explained Musk paid $15 million in taxes while Warren paid $5k of her $12 million. Musk captioned the post with “What a hypocrite!”

Since Warren’s original post, the two have gone back and forth, and those siding with the Senator are not immune to Musk’s witty responses.

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