LeBron James Gets Kicked Out Of Latest NBA Game

LeBron James Gets Kicked Out Of Latest NBA Game

(UnitedReader.com) – Basketball is a competitive sport, and sometimes tempers flare in the heat of the moment. While fans have come to know some players are more likely to snap than others, LeBron James isn’t one of the usual suspects. However, the King recently found himself in an altercation, and officials ejected him from the game.

America knows James is a political warrior off the court, but fans don’t see him as a fighter. Yet, in the November 21 game in Detroit, MI, against the Pistons, James threw an elbow and struck Pistons player Isaiah Stewart above the eye. While teammates, staff and security quickly got between the two players, the moment blood started to pour from Stewart’s face, he went into a rage.

The two players were fighting for position when James threw his elbow back. At the time of the incident, the referee handed the player a flagrant foul. After watching the replay and reviewing the play, officials decided to completely remove James from the game, the second time the King has ever been ejected in his career.

Stewart also received an ejection after he attempted to go after James several times. In one attempt, he plowed through several members of the Pistons’ coaching staff.

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