Keanu Reeves Donating Large Portion of Salary to Cancer Research

Keanu Reeves Donating Large Portion of Salary to Cancer Research

( – Keanu Reeves is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Despite his status, the famous actor has always stayed true to himself and remained humble, a stark comparison to most other players in Hollywood. The actor recently made a name for himself by being kind and giving back.

Reeves wasn’t always the actor he is today. He struggled just as so many before him have. However, he had a sister who helped him get through the struggle and make it big in Hollywood. Unfortunately, that same sister would battle leukemia, an umbrella term for a set of specific blood cancers.

Reeves has mentioned that his sister was always there to support him, asserting that now it’s his time to return the favor, something the actor has done consistently. His younger sister, Kim, was diagnosed with leukemia in 1991. After the release of “The Matrix” in 1999, Reeves took it upon himself to donate nearly three-quarters of his $45 million salary to help fund leukemia research.

The actor went even further by taking care of his sister, even selling his house to move in with her. He became his sister’s primary caregiver until she could recover, and she was lucky enough to go into remission. Regrettably, her health came at a price, which Reeves paid, of $5 million for her years of treatment. In 2009, Reeves established a leukemia foundation based on finding a cure but didn’t want his name as a part of it.

His kindness extends to people he works with as well. In 2001, Reeves distributed the majority of his earnings from second and third installments of “The Matrix” to the special effects team and custom designers, noting they deserved more recognition. In his most recent act of kindness, Reeves provided stuntmen for the upcoming movie “John Wick 4,” set to release in March 2023, with $9,150 personalized Rolex watches.

Reeves is truly a beacon of kindness in a world where no one seems to care about anyone but themselves. Perhaps more people could take a lesson from the humble and generous actor.

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