K-9 Hero Busts Undocumented Migrants With Nearly $700K in Heroin

K-9 Hero Busts Undocumented Migrants With Nearly $700K in Heroin

Drug-Smuggling Migrants Busted By K-9 Law Enforcement Hero

(UnitedReader.com) – K-9 officers have become an essential part of law enforcement, security, and the US military; they prove it every day. One K-9 deserves all the treats and belly scratches he wants after a good day’s work. He helped the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) bust illegal immigrants smuggling nearly $700,000 worth of heroin. Somebody get his Kong toy!

The FHP conducted a traffic stop on I-75 after discovering a Jeep Grand Cherokee with fictitious Arizona plates. The driver didn’t have a valid license. K-9 Titan discovered a container with around 5.5 pounds of heroin stashed inside and alerted troopers.

Authorities identified the two occupants of the vehicle as 33-year-old Maurilio Garcia-Torres and 19-year-old Ivania Riestra-Garcia, as FOX13 Tampa reported. Troopers also discovered both suspects were undocumented individuals from Mexico staying in the US illegally. Authorities estimated the value of the heroin to be over $693,000.

The FHP Troopers took both immigrants into custody, charging them with heroin trafficking and distribution. Both are currently in the Hernando County Jail awaiting judgment. Not only did Titan put the bad guys away, the K-9 may have saved countless lives through his discovery of the narcotics. Kudos to Titan for a job well done!

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