Jen Psaki In Talks to Get Her Own TV Show

Jen Psaki In Talks to Get Her Own TV Show

( – Jen Psaki made a return to politics to serve as President Biden’s press secretary. According to Puck News, Psaki has her eyes set on leaving the White House this year, opening the door for someone new to fill the position. More so, the soon-to-be-former press secretary is looking at the possibility of broadening her own horizon.

While her political career may be coming to a conclusion, it’s clear that Psaki is far from being done with television. As reports from Puck indicate, CNN and MSNBC seem to be very interested in bringing the White House Press Secretary on board.

Officials from the news outlets have been in the nation’s capital attempting to court Psaki into working with them, potentially with her having her own show. Puck News founding partner and senior correspondent, Dylan Byers, is responsible for the reports. Byers believes that with CNN and MSNBC being so far behind Fox News in terms of ratings, they may be looking to Psaki as an opportunity to shake things up and salvage their viewership.

The senior correspondent noted how Psaki has gained somewhat of a celebrity status due to her daily briefs with the press. Byers asserted that Psaki wants to be on TV, but that these networks need her more than she needs them. If the press secretary decides to sign a contract with one of the networks grooming her, she’ll join the likes of Nicole Wallace, George Stephanopoulos and Kayleigh McEnany in the circle of White House communication staff who’ve become media personalities.

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