Ilhan Omar Continues Fight With Lauren Boebert

Ilhan Omar Continues Fight With Lauren Boebert

( – It’s common for opposing parties to go at each other. It happens at every sports game and competitive event. Everyone wants their team to win. Well, it’s no different in politics, a case Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-NY) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) have proven well.

Representative Boebert recently made comments many people, including Omar, found to be anti-Muslim. Rep. Omar blasted Boebert’s comments and House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for his lack of action. Omar claimed that McCarthy was weak because he was complicit in the anti-Muslim and Islamophobia that a member of his party was portraying.

The New York Representative’s comments came after the House minority leader asserted no further apologies were necessary. McCarthy defended Boebert, who apologized both publicly to the Muslim community and privately to Omar, and called Democrats hypocritical as they don’t call out members of their own caucus.

Boebert’s private apology doesn’t seem to have gone very well, as the Republican representative also demanded that Omar apologize for her anti-police, anti-American and other offensively rhetoric expressions. However, Boebert has made it clear that she’s ready to move past the incident to both the public and Rep. Omar.

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