FBI Raid Floods Out Water Department Meeting

FBI Raid Floods Out Water Department Meeting

(UnitedReader.com) – What was supposed to be a routine water board meeting in the town of Prichard, AL was anything but. The meeting had to be rescheduled after the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), flanked by other agencies, raided the water building and other properties associated with the Prichard Water Works & Sewer Board (PWW&SB).

The multi-agency raid, including federal, state and local authorities, came just weeks after accusations that the board’s employees were misusing funds. A former manager of the board, Nia Bradley, allegedly used a PWW&SB-issued credit card to buy Louis Vuitton luxury handbags, Victoria’s Secret items and trips to Chicago and New York.

The Mobile County District Attorney’s office announced a thorough investigation into the allegations against the PWW&SB and its staff. The DA explained that the process would take time, citing over 24,000 credit card transactions to go through. The DA’s office added its intention to look into separate allegations of buying property as well as banking and other financial mechanisms. Jay Ross, the water board’s attorney, claimed it was the worst incident of public corruption he’s ever seen.

Some would say this is just an example of why the citizens of America have a growing distrust in government institutions, adding even local municipalities to the list.

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