FBI Agents Target Respected Journalist

FBI Agents Target Respected Journalist

(UnitedReader.com) – On January 6, 2020, Trump supporters stormed the US capitol. Many people attended the event, which was initially a peaceful demonstration, but some participants were there looking for trouble and inciting violence. Two citizens believe one of the instigators was a federal informant.

Kyle Clifton and his friend, Greyson Arnold, approached alleged federal informant, Ray Epps, asking him a series of questions. Epps, of course, didn’t say much. Instead, he drove his golf cart away from the confrontation.


Clifton spoke with Epps’ daughter and noted she had some compelling information. After the interview, the journalist mentioned that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) followed Arnold from the grocery store to his home.

At Arnold’s residence, the FBI made contact with the journalist, according to Clifton, and asked him if he had any information on January 6. Clifton claims that the FBI asked Arnold vague questions, noting they were fishing for anything related to Epps. The alleged informant incited violence on Capitol Hill on January 6, yelling that the Trump supporters needed to get into the US capitol.

The FBI is now following private citizens around, and for what? Do they have probable cause? If not, will they be punished for their actions?

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